The activities are planned and scheduled as follow:







Gathering 10 volunteers to give intensive assistance for the kids and donators to help the project The volunteers are ready to help My previous tasks done (need assessment, problem analysis, and SMART goal and objective task) are really helpful to explain the project clearly to the volunteers so that they are willing to help May 25, 2012


Identifying the kids’ interest for reading and check the reading sources that are available in the book store that may in kids’ interest and background knowledge Kids’ ability in English is recognized as it is explained in Project design. The books used have to be simple and include pictures. The orphanage board and the kids. The instrument that will be used is interview. The end of May 2012


Setting the learning plan including learning objectives, indicators, materials, activities, learning sources (books), as well as assessment (pre and post test as well as on going assessment) to recognize the kids’ progress. A well prepared teaching and learning so that it is effective. The orphanage board and other volunteers as we have to match our schedule. Money to buy the books and other learning resources. June 3, 2012


Preparing the place where the learning will take place (the orphanage board let us to have a small room in the corner of the living room). An enjoyable and fun learning environment so that the kids enjoy the teaching and learning process. The orphanage board and other volunteers. Money to decorate the room and complete the small reading corner. June 10, 2012


Teaching and learning process The kids are able to read and understand simplified English text books well. The orphanage board and other volunteers. June – August 2012 (the teaching and learning will take place once in a week (on weekend)/ 2-3 hours per-meeting as the volunteers have to work in workdays)*


Celebrating for the success The kids feel proud of their job and achievement The orphanage board and other volunteers. Money to prepare for a small party. The end of August 2012

* We know that it might be very difficult for the kids to learn English reading within only 12 meetings (due to the target location and volunteers’ rigid schedule); however, we are positive as they already have basic knowledge of some English vocabularies. Besides, the books provided will be in reference to their basic knowledge (the books chose will be the simplified one and contain pictures). Furthermore, as the lesson plan arranged will include home projected work so that the kids will still continue learning outside the planned schedule. The orphanage board will help us with this as he will be able to monitor the kids anytime.