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 Preparing for the Banner and Getting ready to hand the brochures and stickers to all the CFD visitors

Preparing for the Banner and Getting ready to hand the brochures and stickers to all the CFD visitors

It was a realy bright Sunday morning when we started to have an action in Car Free Day (CFD), Malang. At 6.30 a.m. all of Indonesians HOpe teams and volunteers gathered and were ready for promoting our program to the commnities in Car Free Day. We chose a strategic spot and put our banner there so that everyone noticed us. Then, we handed our programs’ brochures and Indonesians HOPE stickers to CFD visitors. We even invited some of them to give us testimoni.

It was so great that there was even a reporter from one of the local newspapers in Malang are interested to write about us and all of the programs. We had an interview with him and invited him to visit our blogs to get all the complete information about Indonesians Hope as well as its programs.

It was a really great experience for us to gather with other communities and more people. It was really great to let them know us and our programs. From this event, we got many more people interested with the programs and willing to help us. We do hope that we could share the programs to wider scope and give more impacts to wider communities. GREAT JOB INDONESIANS HOPE!!!!!




Discussing for the next program while cutting the stickers that will be handed to the visitors of Sunday market

Discussing for the next program while cutting the stickers that will be handed to the visitors of Sunday market

October 27, 2012 Indonesians Hope team gathered to prepare for the onsite promotion of our second project; mini library project. We have planned to have onsite promotion of our newest program in Sunday market and Car Free Day spot in which lots of people gather. We will have the program in the corner of spot and place our team banner so that it can be seen by all of the visitors. Furthermore, we will hand out some brochure and stickers. Besides, we will also invites some visitors to give a testimoni of our program.


We do hope that by having this onsite promotion we can spread out the project to a wider scope so that we can have more book donation and other supports. We will have the program next Sunday as the brochure will be ready on the next Tuesday. At last, we are always inviting all of you to help us by donating books (used or new one), giving financial support, and or becoming one of our volunteers. If you are interested with the program, please don’t be hesitated to contact us personally. Thank you.




We are so grateful for the book donation given from all our donors. We are now already receive 73 books donated by our friends. The books are so varied, including: Islamic books, historical books, motivational books, cooking recipes, novels, crafting books, and many others. We are now still working on compiling and categorizing the books. We are still inviting you all to donate more books as we still need many more. Below are the pictures of the books we have already received:

The books donated for our mini library project

The books donated for our mini library project

We are still inviting for more books

We are still inviting for more books

The books are varied

The books are varied






Indonesians Hope team measured the spot that will be used for the mini library

Indonesians Hope team measured the spot that will be used for the mini library

Last Saturday, October 6, 2012 Indonesians Hope went to Ar Rohman orphanage again to measure the room that will be used for the mini library. The orphanage board helped us to choose the room. The room was located next to the mosque so that both, the female and male orphaned kids can access the library. Moreover, we also had decided to use an empty space next to the mini library for the learning spot used for life skill traning.

Besides measuring the room, we also checked and noted down the fasilities that might be needed to equip the room, for instance: based on the observation the room is dark and dull. After measuring the room, we then discussed for the design, how it will probably look like, the paint color, the book shelf, and others.

As all of the team and volunteers are working on the work days, we then decided to shop for the materials needed next week. Finally, we do hope that we can gain success for the program.



Our incredible moment with the kids

Our incredible moment with the kids

Yay! that was our really funtastic day with the kids… Onthe last September 9, 2012 we celebrated the kids’ learning success by inviting them to play in the biggest playground in East Java, Indonesia, Jatim Park 2 and secret zoo. We picked up the kids at 8. We already phoned the orphanage board to remind the kids having their breakfast and bringing their bag a day before.

As we arrived to the orphanage, the kids got so excited, the approached us and cheered up. That was the happiest moment that we had with the kids, to see them smile and laugh with us. Before letting the kids get into the car, we handed them cookies, soft drink, and t-shirt. The kids were so excited to wear their new t-shirt. Unfortunately some of them got bigger sized t-shirt. As the kids ready with their new t-shirt, we asked them to pray and got into the car.

Besides the kids, there were two elder kids and two orphanage boards who joined us to helpĀ  handle the kids. It did not take so much time to arrive at Jatim Park and secret zoo. Arriving to the place, we directly bought the tickets. At first, we visited secreet zoo. The kids got so excited to see many kinds of animals that they have never seen before. There are lots of new animal species that they just knew as they visited the place.

After having a really great time in the secret zoo, we thenaccompanied the kids to the play ground. Over there the kids were trying many kinds of different games and plays in which they have never experienced before. They looked so excited and we were so happy for that It was even hard to ask the kids to go home as they actually still wanted to spend longer time there.

Then, as we went out from teh play ground, we handed the kids meals and drinks. At last, before going home, we took pictures with the whole kids, IndonesiansHope teams, and all of the volunteers. That was a really incredible moment with the kids and all of us. We planned to visit the orphanage another time to give the pictures for the kids so that they would always remember our sweet memories.


12nd Meeting

Having a post with the kids at the end of the class

Having a post with the kids at the end of the class

August 12, 2012 was a very special day for us. Whay was it so? Yep, because that day was our lastest class with the kids. We had special activity on that day. For the big group, we invited them to have a performance, TV show. The pictures and videos of the activity can be checked on our “12nd MEETING” post.

After the kids understood the text, we invited them to draw seequenced pictures based on the text read. Then we asked them to prepared those pictures in a TV show display. As the kids finished preparing that, they had chance to retell the story in front of the other kids. It was totally fun.

Meanwhile the younger group was learning new vocabularies used to express ideals. They were given pictures of ideals and then assigned to tell what their ideal is, using picture. It seemed that they enjoyed the activity so much. They were enthusiastic to share what they want to be in the future.

Finally the time was offer and we had to say good bye. We invited all the kids and the volunteers to gather and talk a little bit what we had already been through. It was so touching that one of the kid was asking why we had to finish the project, why shouldn’t we have more classes. We tried to get them understand by telling them that we try to find more friends, we will another project in other orphanages but we promise to visit them sometimes. One of the kids was even crying.

After making them calm down, we invited them to play, we introduced them to all the educational toys that we would give to the orphanage. We also helped the kids arrange the books. They enjoyed that free activities so much. For sure, we will miss each other. However, there will be a meeting left, a celebration for the kid’s success. We have planned to take them to a



The kids were drawing their own picture while doing their hobby

The little kids were drawing their own picture while doing their hobby

August 9, 2012 was our eleventh meeting with the kids. As what was planned, on that day, the older group kids were assigned to understand a text titled “Why The Owl Say Who.” As the kids were assisted to understand the text and be able to read the text well, they were asked some questions to check their understanding on the text.
While the old group was working with the text, the little group seemed to be busy with vocabulary mastery. On that day they were assisted to be able to recognize and understand English words used for hobby. As they finished mastering the vocabularies given, they were assked to mention their own hobby and draw it on a piece of paper. Afterward, their works were displayed on the wall.

At the end of the class, all of the groups were gathered to have refreshing activity. They were invited to sing together. All the kids were standing up and dancing while singing along with the song played. It was a really great day for all of us.



The kids were completing the cloze procedural text

The kids were completing the cloze procedural text

On last August 7, 2012, we had our tenth meeting with the kids. It was fun to have the kids understand the text and complete the cloze procedural text provided. In this meeting the kids were given a simplified text titled “The Two Brothers.” First the kids were assissted to be able to know the meaning of difficult words found in the text so that they would be able to understand the whole meaning of the text.
Then, they were given a cloze procedural text in which they had to be able to fill in the missing words in the text. It was so challenging for the kids as they found many new words that they just recognized at the moment. However, at last, by the mentors’ assistance the kids were finally able to finish and complete that cloze procedural text.

The same as the older group, the little group also had lots of fun. On that day the little group kids were learning about name of vegetables in English. In the beginning of the lesson, they were shown some pictures of vegetables that they can find them around. As the kids were already recognizing the name of those vegetables, they were assigned to name them.
Afterward, the kids were asked to draw their favourite vegetables and write down the name below the picture. They were so enthusiatic with the activities as all of them love drawing and coloring. We were very happy for that and hope to have more enjoyable and fun class on the following meetings.


The students' work

The students’ work

On last Sunday, August 5, 2012, we had a funtastic class with the kids. As always, the kids were divided into two groups. The first group (the older one) was learning reading and continued by puzzle games. The kids were enjoying the class the reading topic for that day was their favourite cartoon character (Orcar’s Oasis).

At first, the kids were trying to be able to read and understand the text well. As they finished with the activity, we invited them to play with a puzzle picture (the picture of Oscar’s Oasis). The kids were enthusiastic to arrange pieces of the puzzle into a good order.

Meanwhile the second group (the younger group) was invited to recognize and learn about the name of fruits. They were given pictures of some fruits that they usually find around them. Then, they were asked to mention their favourite fruit and draw it on a piece of paper provided. At last, in order to build up the kids’ pride of learning, we helped them to display their pictures on the wall.

As all of the activities finished, we then broke our fasting together. We shared some foods for them and ate together. It was a really fun day for all of us.


The kids were learning to read the lyric fluently before singing

The kids were learning to read the lyric fluently before singing

August 2, 2012 was our eighth meeting with the kids. We were so excited to have the class as we had planned a very fun activity with the kids. We headed the place happily by bringing all the stuffs that we needed, such as: learning media, snacks and cookies for the kids, and presents. We were ready for the class.

As usual, as we arrived to the place, we directly had the kids to sit with their learning group (old group and little group). As the kids were sitting with their learning group, we then started the class. The old group kids were learning about a short text titled “PET”. First, we assisted the kids to understand the whole text then helped them to be able to read the text fluently. As we finished discussing the text, we invited the kids to understand a song lyrics “Old Mac Donald Has a Farm.”

However, in this activity, we did not only have it with the old group, we also invited the little group as well. As the little group had finished with their activity (learning about animals in English and coloring the animals pictures), we invited them to join in the singing activity. It was hard to have the kids follow and imitate the song as it was too fast for them. Therefore, we needed time until they really could catch the rythm and sing along with the song played.

We did have lots of fun on that day. The kids were so happy to have all the activities engaged, especially the singing activity. At last, we ended up the class by giving the kids cookies and presents. We do hope to have more fun activities on the following meetings.