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Indonesians Hope team and a team from Telkomsel

Indonesians Hope team and a team from Telkomsel

On the last Saturday- Sunday, June 22-23, 2013, Indonesians Hope conducted an event in colaboration with Telkomsel entitled “Tantang Rasamu.”ย  The event was fully sponsored by Telkomsel as we won proposal competition for 18Lebih (a big event by telkomsel to celebrate their 18th birthday).

Tantang Rasamu is an event in which we try to challenge (Tantang) all the visitors’ feeling (Rasamu). What we mean by feeling here is social feeling to share and donate their books for the unfortunated kids. Besides, as the event was conducted outdoor, we also wanted to challenge the feeling of honesty and responsibility.

In the event, Indonesians Hope provided bars of chocolate in which the visitors can donate their book and grab a chocolate. A bar of chocolate is for one book. Noone would out eyes on them so that they had to be fair and honest.

Besides grabbing chocolates they also can write something on the “HOPE WALL” which would be shared by Indonesians Hope team on our twitter. Moreover, the visitors would also be able to take some pictures in the picture corner.

We were so happy and proud as we have earnt so much success. We could beat the target. There were 651 books were collected. The books were from many kinds of categories. Following to the program, we would like to distribute the books to some of the orphanage through our “mini library” program. We do hope what we have done can inspire others to do something for their community.



Having a pose with the kidsIndonesians Hope has decided that May 15, when we were granted for Alumni Engagement Initiative program by World Learning, as our birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

It has been a year for Indonesians Hope to work on social program. For celebrating our first birthday, we decided to visit the orphanages in which we conducted our program.ย  Additionally, we shared some books and learning utensils for the kids in the orphanages. We also gave them some snacks and soft drink.

We had some chit chat with the kids. It seemed like a reunion. We were so happy to see the kids were delighted. It encouraged us to do more and more. At last, we do hope that we can really do much more than what we have done so far.


Indonesians hope was having a pose after being on air :)hi guys, are you all still stay tune on MFM radio? Yay, Indonesians Hope was on MFM radio on April 17, 2013. We were so grateful to be invited by MFM radio to share our program.

Besides introducing our community, we also shared our program. We talked about our plan to build many more mini libraries so that we can give more chance for the kids to learn outside classes.We are positive that by giving more opportunities for the kids to read, they will have more chance to do more for their own.

We were so happy that after sharing the program in MFM we had many people phoned us to donate some books. We do hope that we can participate in other media next time so that we have many more people notice and help us.

Indonesians Hope On CFD (Car Free Day)

Indonesians Hope team in Car Free Dayon March 25, 2013 we promoted our program on Car Free Day. Car Free Day is weekly program conducted my Malang municipality in which many citizens gather to spend their Sunday morning with their family by exercising or just shopping for snacks and meals in Sunday market. As there are many people gather in the event, Indonesians Hope does not want to miss it.

In the event, Indonesians hope was trying to promote our program; that is mini library. We had a spot in which we could put our banner and share our brochure. Besides, we also invited the visitors to drop their old books and donate for the success of the program.

We do hope that many people notice us and help us to give more chance for the unfotunated kids to learn and have better education. We do hope that a little thing we do can help and inspire others ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope to see you guys in Car Free Day ๐Ÿ™‚

The Celebration of Life Skill and Supplementary English Program

Indonesians Hope team was posing with the kids and the orphanage boardOn March 10, 2013 we made a celebration for the success of the programs; life skill training and supplementary English program in Ar Rohman Orphanage, Buring, Malang. We had the celebration in the orphanage by having some events. We gave the kids and the orphanage boards Indonesians Hope t-shirt. Besides, we also gave them fresh money for supporting their own program. We also had small party in which we provided some snacks, soft drink, and meals. We also had the kids having their performance.

We had a really great time with the kids. All of us enjoyed the event. We felt a bit sad though as we had to leave the kids. However, the same as the previous orphanage, we did not really leave them. We will still visit them sometime. We will just have other programs in the other orphanages so that we can help more kids with their education. At last, we do hope that what we have done so far and what we will do with those kids can help them. Although it may be only a little thing we believe that it gives impacts not only for the kids and us but also for the society.

The Lastest Meeting for Supplementary English Class Program

The Last Day of Supplementary English ProgramOn March 3, 2013 we had our last day of supplementary English class program. We actually still want to have more classes for the program as the kids look so enthusiatic, yet we cannot have it as we already have the following program that need to be started.ย  However, we do hope that the kids still continue learning English on their own as we already provide some resources for learning English in the mini library.

In order to close the program and celebrate on the kids’ learning success, Indonesians Hope has already planned a celebration. Furthermore, we also have communicated about the celebration plan with the orphanaged board so that the kids can also participate in the event by having a performance.

At last, we would like to say that we are really proud of the kids and Indonesians hope team for the success of the program. We do hope to be able to gain other success for the following programs.



some other kids were making brooch and bracelet

Last month, January 2013, Indonesians Hope was successfully conducting our third project “Life skill training.” In the program, Indonesians Hope was working with Bu Kartika, an art teacher, to teach the kids some skills. In the program, we helped the kids to learn how to decorate headcover, making brooch and bracelet from thread.

The kids were enjoying the program so much as at the end of the program, they were able to make some products to be sold. Sholeh, the most creative one, was able to make some money from his works.

We are so happy to be able to help them learning something new and be productive. We do hope that a litle thing we have done can be beneficial for the kids not only for now but also for the future. ๐Ÿ™‚

The kids were happily learn how to decorate head covers

The kids were decorating the head cover



a temporary house for Fitria and her family after the fire

It was so shocking to know that one of our students in Ar Rohman orphanage did not attend the class on that day as her house was burnt out. Fitria is one of our best students in that orphanage. The orphanage board told us that she could not come to our English class on that day as she had to go back home helping her mom was her house was on fire.

It was not an unfit home, it was made from wrecked bamboos; therefore, as there was fire, it was easily burnt out. Fortunately, Fitria’s neighbors were very helpful to work together rebuild her and her family a house. However, they still find difficulties in paying off the materials bought for the house. Therefore, Indonesians Hope worked to help them out. We let all Indonesians Hope friends knew the accident and collected donation.

In short, we finally could help them and gave Fitria and her family some money to pay off all the debts from the building material stores. It’s always great to be able to see the kids smile. Hope we can do more for them ๐Ÿ™‚ Please come and join us to help them ๐Ÿ™‚



This is how our mini library looks like

This is how our mini library looks like

On November 6, 2012, Indonesians Hope had the final activity for our second program, Mini Library project. At the last day of the program, we ordered the books based on their categories. We placed the books in the bookshelf, placing the carpet and tables. Besides, we pointed three librarian (the orphanage board helped us in pointing them). As we had three librarians, we gave them a short training on coding the books, categorizing the books, and organizing the library members as well as the rules of borrowing the books.

As the librarians understood everything, we had stimulation. The first member of the mini library were those three librarian. Then, the chose book to be borrowed. We do hope that they can promote the other kids in the orphanage to borrow books and start reading.

Although we have done with the project, we will still often go there as we are still inviting many people and donors to donate more books. It will be great if there are many more books provided in the library so that the kids get many sources. In addition, we will have our third project in the same orphanage. In short, we do hope that little things we have done contribute positively to our community.




book category

book category

It is a pleasure for Indonesians Hope to get book donations from our donors (Pipit Permatasari, Hesti Maiyanti, and other donors that we cannot mention one by one). We are so grateful for the helps ย in supporting our program. As we got the books, we directly categorize the books into 15 categories: Ilmu pengetahuan umum, kumpulan karya-karya umum, agama, al qur’an dan ilmu yang berkaitan, pertanian, ilmu tumbuhan, ilmu hewan, kasusastraan, keterampilan, bahasa Inggris, rekreasi dan seni pertunjukan, kisah dan bibliografi, ilmu alam , ilmu sosial , dan kesenian.

After categorizing the books, we gave the book’s code on its cover to make it easier to find. Furthermore, we made the member cards for those who want to borrow or read the books. On the back cover of the books we also attached two cards for the borrower’s identity; the first card is always attached on its cover and another one will be taken and saved by the librarian whenever book is borrowed. As we finished managing the books, we provided some rules for borrowing the books, including the fine for those who break or omit the books.

In short, we are still inviting for more books to be donated for this program. We do hope that we can give more reading resources for the kids in Ar Rohman orphanage. Please don’t be hesitated to contact us whenever you have some books to be donated. We would be pleased to take the books from your place so that you do not need to go anywhere.