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We have done a really successful project with Miftahul Huda orphanage previously. After three months of teaching and learning English with 20 kids in Miftahul Huda orphanage and inviting them for a fun celebration at the end of the program, we would like to give more impacts to the wider comunity. Therefore, we plan to have similar activities in another orphanage. However, it does not mean that we do not work with the previous orphanage anymore as we still sometimes visit Miftahul Huda orphanage.

For the second project, we have chose to work with Ar Rohman orphanage in Buring, Malang. We plan to help the orphanage by providing them with a mini library and a learning spot in which we will conduct life skill training. The mini library project will be conducted within two months; on October and November 2012. Whereas for life skill training, it will be done afterward.

We do hope that we will be able to gain the same or even more success in our second project. We do hope that we can coordinate, communicate, and cooperate well with all the teams, volunteers, communities, program participants, and our donors.

At last, we would like to invite you all to help us for the project by donating your books. It can be new or used one. You can contact us personally if you need further information. Thank you.


Visiting the Orphanage

Orphanage Visit: Coordinating the “Celebration” Program with The Orphanage Board

We are so happy that we have been successful conducting all of the classes in these last three months. We had been successful with the classes in August although it was Ramadhan in which most of us did fasting. We also were very thankingful to the donors who were trusting us to distribute some goods to the orphanage (such as: used clothes, foodstuffs, and others). (PS: We did not post the list of them as the donors wanted to have them anonym)

Last September 2, 2012 we visited the orphanage after EID holiday. We would like to greet the orphanage boards and the kids besides telling and coordinating our “Celebration” program with the orphanage board. We planned to take the kids to a famous playground in our city, Malang as for sure the kids have never been there before. In the playground, there is also a secreet zoo in which the kids can learn about animals and other kinds of scientific games.

We would like to make all the kids happy and proud of their hard work passed through. Furthermore, that will be the first experience for the kids. We have planned the program for such a long time. On the previous day we had visited the playground to book for the ticket. But unfortunately, we could not as there is different ticket everyday, so we have to buy the ticket on the day. We also had ordered for the accomodation, lunch and cookies given to the kids.

We do hope that the kids would enjoy the “celebration” program. We will also give the kids the program t-shirts. We just cannot wait for the day. We do hope we can gain our success on the program.



So happy to see them smiling

So happy to see them smiling

After gaining our success on preparing the classes on June, we had been trying to work hard and gain other success in conducting our class on July. On July, as it was planned, there must be 7 meetings on June and yeah, we could have those 7 meetings covered.

We are also happy to inform that we could have those 7 meetings successfully as they are routinely informed in our program journals and shown in our photos and videos. We are happy to have the kids were enjoying all the activities we prepared and being active in the class.

For that success, we would like to thank to all the team (you guys all rock), our volunteers who kindly helped us for the whole months (we do hope to have you coming to the programs on August, guys 🙂 ), all the kids (you all are the best), the orphanage board (thank you for the good cooperation and meals for us sometimes :)), and world learning (for the funding, good assistant and monitoring).

Furthermore, we do hope that we can still gain more success on August. As it has been planned, we still have the other 4 meetings and a celebration. We do hope to finish the class before the EID holiday and have the celebration afterward. We are so excited for our August programs.




In a carpet shop

In a carpet shop

June is the first month of our project. Based on the schedule made, our team has to start teaching the kids this month. However, it seems that we have to change our schedule as this month, the orphaned kids have lots of programs n their orphanage. They still have final exams and some religous events. Therefore, we plan to use this months to prepare for the materials needed and to fix and decorate the learning room. We have started to shop for books, whiteboard, carpet, learning games, and markers so far. We still need to shop for tables, wallpaper (as we decided to use wallpaper instead of repainting the room; it is due to the time allotment), more books and leanring materials, and book shelf. Furthermore, we hope that we can finish shopping this week so that we can start to decorate the learning room next week. So far, we do enjoy our volunteering works and do not find any diffiulties yet. In short, we do hope that we can gain success in this project.