Indonesians Hope team and a team from Telkomsel

Indonesians Hope team and a team from Telkomsel

On the last Saturday- Sunday, June 22-23, 2013, Indonesians Hope conducted an event in colaboration with Telkomsel entitled “Tantang Rasamu.”  The event was fully sponsored by Telkomsel as we won proposal competition for 18Lebih (a big event by telkomsel to celebrate their 18th birthday).

Tantang Rasamu is an event in which we try to challenge (Tantang) all the visitors’ feeling (Rasamu). What we mean by feeling here is social feeling to share and donate their books for the unfortunated kids. Besides, as the event was conducted outdoor, we also wanted to challenge the feeling of honesty and responsibility.

In the event, Indonesians Hope provided bars of chocolate in which the visitors can donate their book and grab a chocolate. A bar of chocolate is for one book. Noone would out eyes on them so that they had to be fair and honest.

Besides grabbing chocolates they also can write something on the “HOPE WALL” which would be shared by Indonesians Hope team on our twitter. Moreover, the visitors would also be able to take some pictures in the picture corner.

We were so happy and proud as we have earnt so much success. We could beat the target. There were 651 books were collected. The books were from many kinds of categories. Following to the program, we would like to distribute the books to some of the orphanage through our “mini library” program. We do hope what we have done can inspire others to do something for their community.