Indonesians Hope On CFD (Car Free Day)

Indonesians Hope team in Car Free Dayon March 25, 2013 we promoted our program on Car Free Day. Car Free Day is weekly program conducted my Malang municipality in which many citizens gather to spend their Sunday morning with their family by exercising or just shopping for snacks and meals in Sunday market. As there are many people gather in the event, Indonesians Hope does not want to miss it.

In the event, Indonesians hope was trying to promote our program; that is mini library. We had a spot in which we could put our banner and share our brochure. Besides, we also invited the visitors to drop their old books and donate for the success of the program.

We do hope that many people notice us and help us to give more chance for the unfotunated kids to learn and have better education. We do hope that a little thing we do can help and inspire others 🙂

Hope to see you guys in Car Free Day 🙂