The Celebration of Life Skill and Supplementary English Program

Indonesians Hope team was posing with the kids and the orphanage boardOn March 10, 2013 we made a celebration for the success of the programs; life skill training and supplementary English program in Ar Rohman Orphanage, Buring, Malang. We had the celebration in the orphanage by having some events. We gave the kids and the orphanage boards Indonesians Hope t-shirt. Besides, we also gave them fresh money for supporting their own program. We also had small party in which we provided some snacks, soft drink, and meals. We also had the kids having their performance.

We had a really great time with the kids. All of us enjoyed the event. We felt a bit sad though as we had to leave the kids. However, the same as the previous orphanage, we did not really leave them. We will still visit them sometime. We will just have other programs in the other orphanages so that we can help more kids with their education. At last, we do hope that what we have done so far and what we will do with those kids can help them. Although it may be only a little thing we believe that it gives impacts not only for the kids and us but also for the society.