The Lastest Meeting for Supplementary English Class Program

The Last Day of Supplementary English ProgramOn March 3, 2013 we had our last day of supplementary English class program. We actually still want to have more classes for the program as the kids look so enthusiatic, yet we cannot have it as we already have the following program that need to be started.  However, we do hope that the kids still continue learning English on their own as we already provide some resources for learning English in the mini library.

In order to close the program and celebrate on the kids’ learning success, Indonesians Hope has already planned a celebration. Furthermore, we also have communicated about the celebration plan with the orphanaged board so that the kids can also participate in the event by having a performance.

At last, we would like to say that we are really proud of the kids and Indonesians hope team for the success of the program. We do hope to be able to gain other success for the following programs.