some other kids were making brooch and bracelet

Last month, January 2013, Indonesians Hope was successfully conducting our third project “Life skill training.” In the program, Indonesians Hope was working with Bu Kartika, an art teacher, to teach the kids some skills. In the program, we helped the kids to learn how to decorate headcover, making brooch and bracelet from thread.

The kids were enjoying the program so much as at the end of the program, they were able to make some products to be sold. Sholeh, the most creative one, was able to make some money from his works.

We are so happy to be able to help them learning something new and be productive. We do hope that a litle thing we have done can be beneficial for the kids not only for now but also for the future. 🙂

The kids were happily learn how to decorate head covers

The kids were decorating the head cover