Supplementary English Class

Here are the report of what we have done so far with the kids in Ar Rohman orphanage in the Supplementary English class program. We have been helping the kids with some materials in English.

The kids were having discussion

We had a really amazing class with the kids

The kids were trying to finish some problems given

The kids were seriously learning the materials

Here is the overview of the materials we gave to the kids

We are so happy to work with the kids

Indonesians Hope team was giving an explanation to the kids

Indonesians Hope team provided some snacks and soft drink for the kids while learning English so that they enjoyed their learning

Indonesian Hope team was explaining the materials

The kids were having peer interview

We were happy to help the kids learn enthusiastictly

Indonesians Hope team was assisting the kids to learn English

We were discussing the kids' work

We were discussing about "plural form"

The kids in Ar Rohman orphanage were ready for the class