a temporary house for Fitria and her family after the fire

It was so shocking to know that one of our students in Ar Rohman orphanage did not attend the class on that day as her house was burnt out. Fitria is one of our best students in that orphanage. The orphanage board told us that she could not come to our English class on that day as she had to go back home helping her mom was her house was on fire.

It was not an unfit home, it was made from wrecked bamboos; therefore, as there was fire, it was easily burnt out. Fortunately, Fitria’s neighbors were very helpful to work together rebuild her and her family a house. However, they still find difficulties in paying off the materials bought for the house. Therefore, Indonesians Hope worked to help them out. We let all Indonesians Hope friends knew the accident and collected donation.

In short, we finally could help them and gave Fitria and her family some money to pay off all the debts from the building material stores. It’s always great to be able to see the kids smile. Hope we can do more for them 🙂 Please come and join us to help them 🙂