This is how our mini library looks like

This is how our mini library looks like

On November 6, 2012, Indonesians Hope had the final activity for our second program, Mini Library project. At the last day of the program, we ordered the books based on their categories. We placed the books in the bookshelf, placing the carpet and tables. Besides, we pointed three librarian (the orphanage board helped us in pointing them). As we had three librarians, we gave them a short training on coding the books, categorizing the books, and organizing the library members as well as the rules of borrowing the books.

As the librarians understood everything, we had stimulation. The first member of the mini library were those three librarian. Then, the chose book to be borrowed. We do hope that they can promote the other kids in the orphanage to borrow books and start reading.

Although we have done with the project, we will still often go there as we are still inviting many people and donors to donate more books. It will be great if there are many more books provided in the library so that the kids get many sources. In addition, we will have our third project in the same orphanage. In short, we do hope that little things we have done contribute positively to our community.