book category

book category

It is a pleasure for Indonesians Hope to get book donations from our donors (Pipit Permatasari, Hesti Maiyanti, and other donors that we cannot mention one by one). We are so grateful for the helps  in supporting our program. As we got the books, we directly categorize the books into 15 categories: Ilmu pengetahuan umum, kumpulan karya-karya umum, agama, al qur’an dan ilmu yang berkaitan, pertanian, ilmu tumbuhan, ilmu hewan, kasusastraan, keterampilan, bahasa Inggris, rekreasi dan seni pertunjukan, kisah dan bibliografi, ilmu alam , ilmu sosial , dan kesenian.

After categorizing the books, we gave the book’s code on its cover to make it easier to find. Furthermore, we made the member cards for those who want to borrow or read the books. On the back cover of the books we also attached two cards for the borrower’s identity; the first card is always attached on its cover and another one will be taken and saved by the librarian whenever book is borrowed. As we finished managing the books, we provided some rules for borrowing the books, including the fine for those who break or omit the books.

In short, we are still inviting for more books to be donated for this program. We do hope that we can give more reading resources for the kids in Ar Rohman orphanage. Please don’t be hesitated to contact us whenever you have some books to be donated. We would be pleased to take the books from your place so that you do not need to go anywhere.