An overview of the orphanage in which we will have our “Mini Library” project


Observing the location for the mini library

Observing the location for the mini library

Ar Rohman orphanage was constructed in 2007 with 8 kids at the beginning. There are now already 27 kids; 16 kids are single parented kids, 3 kids do not have any parents at all, and the rest 8 kids come from very poor families. The orphanage gets the financial support from “Yatim Mandiri” (It’s an institution that prov

ides financial helps for the orphanages). The financial support given for each kid is Rp. 20.000/month. It is so little that they still find troubles in fulfilling their needs monthly, especially for the meals. However, according to us, the orphanage boards are very creative one as they were able to collect donations for building the rooms for the kids. Therefore, now the kids have better rooms for sleeping and studying.

For the program (Mini Library project), the orphanage boards let us have a room that was used as a ware house and another empty space next to the room that will be used for a learning spot for Life skill training. The orphanage boards told us that they do need these books: Islamic books, motivational books, books about life skills, and story books. Furthermore, for the life skill training, the orphanage boards actually want to equip the kids with ability in sewing, making batik and embroidery.