The life skill training project is a free training that will be given to 14 kids in “Ar Rohman” orphanage, Malang, Indonesia. Those 14 kids chosen are those who are in the senior high school ages. Those kids are chosen as we want to prepare them to be ready for affording their own needs. The orphanage is only able to help the kids for their school tuition fee until senior high school. Therefore, after they graduate from senior high school, they have to be ready for their own living. Responding to that, we then plan life skill training program for those kids. The program is purposed to enable the kids with some life skills, for instance: sewing (making clothes), crafting, making handkerchief (necklace, bracelet or brooch), and screen painting. As the continuation for the project, Indonesians Hope will also help the kids to be able to sell their products that later on they can be independent in pursuing their education and life, and in turn they can also make betterment and changes for their orphanage.

If you are willing to help, you can help us by:

  • donating certain amount of money for the program as we do not have any donors for the program yet
  • volunteering on the program by giving a training about making a certain kind of product
  • helping us in selling the kids’ product to be then given back to the kids for their dependent living sustainability