Our incredible moment with the kids

Our incredible moment with the kids

Yay! that was our really funtastic day with the kids… Onthe last September 9, 2012 we celebrated the kids’ learning success by inviting them to play in the biggest playground in East Java, Indonesia, Jatim Park 2 and secret zoo. We picked up the kids at 8. We already phoned the orphanage board to remind the kids having their breakfast and bringing their bag a day before.

As we arrived to the orphanage, the kids got so excited, the approached us and cheered up. That was the happiest moment that we had with the kids, to see them smile and laugh with us. Before letting the kids get into the car, we handed them cookies, soft drink, and t-shirt. The kids were so excited to wear their new t-shirt. Unfortunately some of them got bigger sized t-shirt. As the kids ready with their new t-shirt, we asked them to pray and got into the car.

Besides the kids, there were two elder kids and two orphanage boards who joined us to helpĀ  handle the kids. It did not take so much time to arrive at Jatim Park and secret zoo. Arriving to the place, we directly bought the tickets. At first, we visited secreet zoo. The kids got so excited to see many kinds of animals that they have never seen before. There are lots of new animal species that they just knew as they visited the place.

After having a really great time in the secret zoo, we thenaccompanied the kids to the play ground. Over there the kids were trying many kinds of different games and plays in which they have never experienced before. They looked so excited and we were so happy for that It was even hard to ask the kids to go home as they actually still wanted to spend longer time there.

Then, as we went out from teh play ground, we handed the kids meals and drinks. At last, before going home, we took pictures with the whole kids, IndonesiansHope teams, and all of the volunteers. That was a really incredible moment with the kids and all of us. We planned to visit the orphanage another time to give the pictures for the kids so that they would always remember our sweet memories.