Orphanage Visit: Coordinating the “Celebration” Program with The Orphanage Board

We are so happy that we have been successful conducting all of the classes in these last three months. We had been successful with the classes in August although it was Ramadhan in which most of us did fasting. We also were very thankingful to the donors who were trusting us to distribute some goods to the orphanage (such as: used clothes, foodstuffs, and others). (PS: We did not post the list of them as the donors wanted to have them anonym)

Last September 2, 2012 we visited the orphanage after EID holiday. We would like to greet the orphanage boards and the kids besides telling and coordinating our “Celebration” program with the orphanage board. We planned to take the kids to a famous playground in our city, Malang as for sure the kids have never been there before. In the playground, there is also a secreet zoo in which the kids can learn about animals and other kinds of scientific games.

We would like to make all the kids happy and proud of their hard work passed through. Furthermore, that will be the first experience for the kids. We have planned the program for such a long time. On the previous day we had visited the playground to book for the ticket. But unfortunately, we could not as there is different ticket everyday, so we have to buy the ticket on the day. We also had ordered for the accomodation, lunch and cookies given to the kids.

We do hope that the kids would enjoy the “celebration” program. We will also give the kids the program t-shirts. We just cannot wait for the day. We do hope we can gain our success on the program.