12nd Meeting

Having a post with the kids at the end of the class

Having a post with the kids at the end of the class

August 12, 2012 was a very special day for us. Whay was it so? Yep, because that day was our lastest class with the kids. We had special activity on that day. For the big group, we invited them to have a performance, TV show. The pictures and videos of the activity can be checked on our “12nd MEETING” post.

After the kids understood the text, we invited them to draw seequenced pictures based on the text read. Then we asked them to prepared those pictures in a TV show display. As the kids finished preparing that, they had chance to retell the story in front of the other kids. It was totally fun.

Meanwhile the younger group was learning new vocabularies used to express ideals. They were given pictures of ideals and then assigned to tell what their ideal is, using picture. It seemed that they enjoyed the activity so much. They were enthusiastic to share what they want to be in the future.

Finally the time was offer and we had to say good bye. We invited all the kids and the volunteers to gather and talk a little bit what we had already been through. It was so touching that one of the kid was asking why we had to finish the project, why shouldn’t we have more classes. We tried to get them understand by telling them that we try to find more friends, we will another project in other orphanages but we promise to visit them sometimes. One of the kids was even crying.

After making them calm down, we invited them to play, we introduced them to all the educational toys that we would give to the orphanage. We also helped the kids arrange the books. They enjoyed that free activities so much. For sure, we will miss each other. However, there will be a meeting left, a celebration for the kid’s success. We have planned to take them to a