Posing with the kids after the class

Posing with the kids after the class

On the last July 29, 2012, we conduccted our seventh meeting. As usual, in this meeting we also had two groups; the old group (for the older kids), and the little group (for the younger kids). For the older group, we assisted the kids to be able to read a short simplified story titled “Three Wishes”

As the kids understood the whole story and were able to read the story well using correct pronunciation, we invited the kids to have fun with “True-False” statement game. In the game, the kids were provided several statemennts relating to the story learnt. Then the kids had to guess whether the statement os true (correct) or not. At the end of the game we granted the kids with a little prize so that they were proud of their success of learning.
Meanwhile, for another group, the little group, we invited them to understand and memorize some vocabularies dealing with kinship. After the kids were introduced to the English words for kinship (father, mother, etc.). We then displayed a family tree in which it has to be completed and renamed by the kids. The kids were enjoying the activity so much as they did not really feel that they were in the process of studying as what they usually had at school (formal institutions).

In short, we had lots of joy with the kids through the activities and media prepared. Furthermore, the class then was ended up with breaking our fasting together with all the kids, teams, and volunteers.