the kids were in turn reading aloud

the kids were in turn reading aloud

On the last July 26, 2012 we had our sixth meeting with the kids. The agenda for the meeting were understanding a short text about senses (for the older group) and learning about objects found at home (for the younger group).

The older kids were invited to understand a short text about the senses. Then, they were given pictures and some jumble sencentes. The kids were assigned to match up the sentences with the pictures. The activity then was followed by reading aloud and telling favorite foods. The kids were assigned to draw their favorite food and tell how it tastes. The kids seemed to enjoy the lesson pretty much.

Meanwhile, the aother group kids, the little kid group was learning about objects that they can fnd at home. The kids were given a picture of a room in which there are some objects that they have to master. Then, they were invited to color the pictures and name the objects within the pictures. At the end of the lesson, their works were displayed on the wall so that they felt proud of their works.
We got lots of fun with the kids at that day. We ended up the class by giving the kids some cookies and present. We do hope to have more fun with them on the following meeting :))