The kids were learning to read the lyric fluently before singing

The kids were learning to read the lyric fluently before singing

August 2, 2012 was our eighth meeting with the kids. We were so excited to have the class as we had planned a very fun activity with the kids. We headed the place happily by bringing all the stuffs that we needed, such as: learning media, snacks and cookies for the kids, and presents. We were ready for the class.

As usual, as we arrived to the place, we directly had the kids to sit with their learning group (old group and little group). As the kids were sitting with their learning group, we then started the class. The old group kids were learning about a short text titled “PET”. First, we assisted the kids to understand the whole text then helped them to be able to read the text fluently. As we finished discussing the text, we invited the kids to understand a song lyrics “Old Mac Donald Has a Farm.”

However, in this activity, we did not only have it with the old group, we also invited the little group as well. As the little group had finished with their activity (learning about animals in English and coloring the animals pictures), we invited them to join in the singing activity. It was hard to have the kids follow and imitate the song as it was too fast for them. Therefore, we needed time until they really could catch the rythm and sing along with the song played.

We did have lots of fun on that day. The kids were so happy to have all the activities engaged, especially the singing activity. At last, we ended up the class by giving the kids cookies and presents. We do hope to have more fun activities on the following meetings.