The kids were learning how to read the story well

The kids were learning how to read the story well

July 15, 2012 was our fourth meeting with the kids. We had two classes in this meeting; one was for the little kids and another one was for the older kids. The older kids were working with simple English text while the little kids were working with expression.

The older group was trying to understand and read well a short story titled “The Ant and the Grasshopper.” The kids learnt some new vocabularies from the story. After the kids were able to understand the whole story and read it fluently, we invited the kids to play a game related to the story they learnt. They were divided into two groups and given some pictures and jumble paragraphs. Their duty was to competitively order the pictures and paragraphs into a good story about the ant and the grasshopper. They got lots of fun in doing that. The kids were actively involved in the activity. At last, we found that the first group won the game. They could arrange the pictures and paragraphs well. At the end of the lesson we emphasized the kids that it was only game so it was okay to win or lose. There are still more other chance on the following meetings.

Meanwhile, the little group also had lots of fun with their activity. At first the kids were introduced with 10 English words of expression. The kids were also stimulated using pictures of those expression; therefore, they were able to understand the meaning of the words they learnt more easily. As the kids were able to understand all of those expression and able to pronounce the words fluently, they then were invited to draw their picture in a certain expression. Then, they had to stick it on the cardboard provided. At last, all of the kids’ works were hung on the wall.

It was a really nice class for us as all of the kids could collaborate well. They were enjoying the class; as we could see, they did not really think that they were in the process of studying. In short, we do hope that we can gain more success on the following meetings.