The kids were listeing for vocabularies they mastered

The kids were listeing for vocabularies they have mastered

July 5, 2012 we had our third meeting. We started to split the class into two groups as the kids coming from a very varied ages. The first group was our first target group, they were the kids from the 4th grade up to 6th grade of elementary school; whereas the second group was the rest of the kids, they were from pre-scholars up to the 3rd grade of elementary school who do not get any English subject in their school.

For the first group, we applied what we have planned in our lesson plan. As usual, we started the class by asking the kids to list as many as vocabularies they could master within 10 minutes. It was great that all of them improved, they had more vocabularies on their list.

Then, we continued the activity by inviting them to work with a simple text titled “City and Country”. We assisted the kids to be able to read fluently and understand the whole text well. Afterward we checked their progress by asking them to read aloud the text. They still hardly pronounced well for the certain words; however, overall they already did a good progress. When they were asked to retell the text, they could do that although in Indonesian, this means that they already understood the whole story.

On the other hand, for the second group, since they loved to draw and write. We assigned them to write simple sentences from the story books. They loved to do it. They were accompaniedby the mentors so that they did not find any difficulties in finishing their assignement.

At the end of the lesson, we gathered all of those two groups as we wanted to have a puzzle game tournament in which all of them had to participate. We divided the whole class into two big groups in random. In this game, they had to competitively rearrange puzzle pictures into 5 pictures out of 24 pictures provided. For sure, there were little present provided for them. The winner would have chance to choose the present.

We had lots of fun today. We ended up the class by praying and eating cookies together to celebrate their winning. Hope we gain more success on the next classes.