July 2, 2012, we planned to have our planned activity for the third of the class. Like usual, those little kids were waiting by peeping from the balcony. As they saw us approaching the orphanage, they immediately called our name aloud. Those little kids always looked so excited.We had good feeling on our class today.

However, as we entered the class we got surprised. We had another challenge on our third meeting. Our first target kids mostly did not come. We asked the other little kids why, they told us that there was an activity that they had to attend at school. Oh well, we thought that it was our fault. We just asked some of them last meeting. We did not ask the whole kids whether they would be free today.

For sure, we could not have the activity as we planned for the third meeting. Therefore, we had to make a quick plan. Since most of the kids who came to the class are the one from the lower grades, we decided to have story telling and adjective games. We invited the kids to choose a book that was agreed by all of them to be read.

They chose “Tea for Ruby”. Then we asked the kids to gather and started the storytelling. As there were new words that they could not understand yet, in telling the story, we had to translate it into Indonesian. We read the whole sentence in English while pointing to the picture, then we explained it in Indonesian. All the kids looked so excited. They asked questions and gave comment on the story. We were so happy that our immediate plan on storytelling finally worked.

students' works

students’ works

As we still had time, we then invited the kids to learn about adjectives. We asked the kids to memorize what kinds of adjectives that is owned by “Ruby”, the character from the story they had. Then we made adjective list on the white board. We assist the kids to pronounce the adjectives fluently and understand all of them well. Afterward, we gave the kids some papers, two papers for each of them. We asked them to draw their own picture on a piece of paper given and write down their characters using the adjectives they learnt. While for another piece of paper, they had to draw a picture of their friend or their favourite idol, then write down his/her characters using the adjectives they mastered.

At the end of the lesson, we invited the kids to display their works on the wall. They were so proud to see their own work. They also gave comment on others’ works. Hmm, and we were so happy and proud that finally all our immediate plans worked well and the kids liked it. Hope, on the following meeting, we could use our planned activties and had other fun classes with them.