one of the students' work on listing the vocabulary they have mastered

one of the students’ work on listing the vocabulary they have mastered

It was July 1, 2012 when we had our second meeting. In that day, we invited the kids to have fun with chant. As usual, we started the class by checking students’ mastery on vocabulary. We invited them to write down as many as vocabularies that they have mastered so far. For sure, we set the time so that they were challenged to do it fast.

Then we started our plan for that day. We helped the kids to understand a simple text from New Parade book. After the kids understood the whole text and were able to read the text fuently, we then divided them into two groups. Hm, this would be an interesting activity for them; we invited them to make chant from the text learnt and for sure, they had to create the dance accompanied the chant.

Before inviting the kids to make a chant and create the dance, some of our mentors gave example to the kids so that they could understand well what they had to do. It was so exciting as all the kids enjoy the activity. They were so creative. Both of the teams made a very nice chant and dance. As all of them did really well, we concluded that all of them win the game. Everyone was so happy to get their little present and cookies. And for sure, we cannot wait for the other fun activities that we will have with the kids on the next meetings