We used ASOGO game on our first meeting. This is an introduction game. The explanation for the game is as below:

The Game Objective: This game is objected to make the students know and memorize their friends’ name as well as the instructors.

The Game Rules: Before conducting the game, each member of the game has to call their own name and make sure everyone joining the game know and can memorize the name.

The Procedures of the Game:

1. Ask the members of the game to make a big circle

2. Explain how it works:

a. The first person, who starts the game, has to say “A” and poin his/her both hands to the right or left. If he/she points his/her hands to the right, then the person on his/her right side has to continue and in contrast, if he/she points his/her hands to the left, the person standing on his/her left side has to continue.

b. The second person, who has been pointed by the first person, has to say “SO” and take one of his hand above his head (it can points right or left) and another one behind his wrist (look like a movement of a monkey). The person next to him has to focus on the hand which is above the head; if the second person take his right hand up above his head, it means that the person on his left side has to continue the game, and on the opposite, if it is his left hand which is up above his head, then the person on his right side has to continue the game.

c. The third person, who has been pointed by the second person, has to say “GO” followed by someone’s name and point the person whose name is called. He cannot mention (point) a person next to him. The person called has to be the one far from him.

3. Start the game

4. Give punishment (a fun one) to those who do it wrong; take too much time to continue, forget the word or movement, or forget his friend’s name.

5. Continue the game until everyone is called

Key point of the game: Be focus