our classroom rules

our classroom rules

We call it “THE REAL FIRST MEETING” as this was the day we really started the class. There were more students coming on that day; 17 students. Aww, those were more than our plan. We planned to only work with 10 kids. However, the little kids who were actually not included in the program also joined the class and we did not want to see them sad for asking them to leave the class. Therefore, we took the whole 17 kids to join our class.

It was so fun. All the kids were so excited. The class was started with and introduction game. We called the game “ASOGO.” We actually once had videos for the gam, but unfortunatelly one of us unintentionally deleted them. Well, the overview about the game can be read here.

After finishing the game, we then invited the kids to make the classroom rules. The kids were so excited in stating their own rules. There were 4 rules agreed, those are:

  1. Listen
  2. Smile
  3. Be active
  4. Have fun

As the rules agreed, all of us then put our hand signs. This can show our commitment on the rules. At last, we closed the class by eating some cookies together.

It was a really fun and exciting day for all of us. Hope we can get more fun on the following meetings 🙂