waiting for the kids to come

waiting for the kids to come

June 29, 2012 was the first day of our teaching. We were so excited to see the kids laughing and enjoying the activities we will have. The day before, we reminded the orphanaged board for the plan so that the kids would be ready for the program.

Yeah, the day finally came. We brought the materials needed and some cookies for the kids. We came earlier than the time. As we arrive to the place, we were surprised as the place was so clean (not the same as what we usually see). One of the kid there told us that he cleaned it that morning. Wow, that was a great begining.

We were waiting for the students. We started to put the books on the bookshelf and prepared for the materials needed. Few minutes later, two little girls coming; but unfortunately they were not our students. They are still on the first grade of elementary school.

We were still waiting for the next 1.5 hours. There were more kids coming but not one of them was our students. They all were 1st graders and some were even kindergarten kids. While waiting for our students, we let those litte kids reading the books. It seemed that they love it.

After waiting for 2hours, we then decided to go back home. We tried to contact the orphanage board; however, they were not home. The kids told us that they had to attend a meeting. Oh well, we did not give up though. We planned our activties and plans for the following meeting. We learnt that we did not communicate well with the orphanage board as it seems that they did not communicate it with the kids yet. But for sure, we are positive that this will not happen on the following meeting 😉