Name of the Game : Random Hand (This name is chosen as the participants in the game have to hold others’ hands randomly/ they may not choose or set whose hands are held)
The Game Objectives : This game is objected to train our teamwork, communication, problem solving, and friendship
The Game Rules : –   The members of the participants must be in even numbers
The Procedures of the Game : 1. All the participants of the game stand in a small circle.2. Randomly hold your friends’ hand (All the participants in the game must be connected to each other/both of their hands must hold or be held by their friend’s hand.3. Untangle the hands’ bound until a bigger circle is made and all the participants in the game face outward.
The Challenge of the Game : All the members have to hold their friends’ hand during the game and they have to untagle the hands’ bound until all of them can face outward and make a bigger circle
The demontration of the game can be seen in this channel: